Parish Games 2022

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The Wychavon Parish Games started in 1978, and the aim of the Games remains the same today: To offer all residents of the Wychavon District the opportunity to participate in active sports and pub games. The competitive spirit is strongly combined with community spirit; be that through developing relationships within the teams created in a Parish or the local derby atmosphere between teams from near or neighbouring Parishes. The term Parish includes the Wards within the three Towns of Droitwich, Evesham and Pershore. There is a strict rule about participants having to reside within the Parish that they represent as it is the Parish or Town Council that pays the fees to enter the various games.

Congratulations to Evesham Bengeworth, Overall Winners of the 2019 Wychavon Parish Games

The Games combine a series of inter-Parish/Ward competitions where individual Parishes compete against one another to win individual events and to produce overall winners. The Games offer participants the opportunity to visit other Parishes, experience the hospitality and therein develop relationships and build and broaden communities. For example; the One Day Events are held within a variety of appropriate locations around the District with the Knock Out Events being held on a Home and Away basis, predominantly in Pubs and Clubs, thus enabling a broad scope of venues to be enjoyed.