Parish Games 2024

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Schloetter Co. Ltd

Abbey Works, New Road, Pershore, Worcs WR10 1BY

01386 552331

Monday 15th July 2024

Registration by 7.15pm – Prompt Start at 7.30pm

At Evesham Parkrun,Boat Lane (by Hampton Ferry), Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 4BP.

  1. All Participantsmust reside in the Parish or Ward they are representing.  This is because it is an Inter-Parish Competition.  Where a person resides between more than one Wychavon Parish/Ward, they may only play for the Parish or Ward in which they predominantly reside. Being on the electoral roll for a Parish does not in itself constitute residency. 
    • Competitors who are studying full-time at University or College will be eligible to compete for the Parish/Ward where they normally reside until they have completed their course.
    • Where an ineligible competitor has been found to have breached these rules, then that Parish/Ward will forfeit all points gained in that event. 
  2. The team details must be recorded on the team sheet, provided by WPGA, which was sent to Parishes that have entered.  This is for Insurance and Health and Safety reasons. 
    • The team sheet must provide the following details for each team member: name, full address with post code, and it must be signed by each team member.  By signing the team sheet, the team member confirms that he/she is medically able to take part in the event and is doing so at his/her own risk.
    • For competitors under the age of 18 on the day of the event, the team sheet must be signed by their parent or guardian. 
    • The team sheet must be handed to a member of the Committee before the event starts.
    • If a team does not comply with the requests above or fails to provide the team’s details, then they will not be allowed to enter the event, unless there are circumstances which were beyond their control.
  3. Where a Parish/Ward has entered an event, but does not then take part, they will be deducted 2 points from their Parish/Ward’s overall score unless they have given a minimum of 48 hours’ notice of their non participation, or there were extenuating circumstances. 
  4. Any queries before the event should be made to Sue Collins on 01905 841269/ 07947147030. 
    • Following the event, any dispute or protest must be made by the Team Captain to the WPGA Secretary within 24 hours of the event. In the first instance, this can be done verbally, and only by the Team Captain, so that the facts can be established.
    • If the matter is not resolved, then any further protest should be put in writing to the WPGA Secretary by the Parish Organiser within 7 days of the event.
  5. Abuse of any of the people identified in the WPGA Abuse Policy will not be tolerated by the Committee.  (Team Captains and competitors must be made aware of the contents of this policy.  This will be included in the pack sent out with the rules.)
  6. Once a team has withdrawn from an event, they will not be allowed to re-enter. 
  7. A team shall consist of Six Runners, although a team may consist of fewer than six.
  8. Only one race will take place. 
  9. The distance will be 5km. 
  10. On completion of the course, runners will enter a funnelled-off area to the finish, where numbered tags will be handed out.  These tags must be put into the envelope handed to your captain on registration, with the total score entered on the front, together with the name of the Parish/Ward.
  11. Official Judges shall decide the respective places of each Parish. The Parish having the lowest aggregate shall be declared the winning Parish. In the event of a tie, the Parish whose last scoring Runner finishes nearest the first place shall determine the result.
  12. Parishes do not need to enter a full team, but a minimum of TWO runners must take part.  Where a team has less than 6 runners, an additional score will be added for the missing competitors, eg if there are 69 competitors, an additional score of 70 will be added for each missing competitor.
  1. Marshalls will be positioned at certain points around the course.  All competitors must comply with their directions in terms of the route, Marshalls will have mobile phones, so anyone suffering an injury should remain with the nearest Marshall until help can be provided.

Event Organiser – WPGA Committee