Parish Games 2024

Wychavon Parish Games Association (WPGA)

Organisational Structure


For an organisation to run events successfully, there needs to be a structure which is understood by those who are, or more importantly, want to become involved in the activities of the WPGA.
Where we refer to Parish Councils then this includes Town Councils for Droitwich, Evesham and Pershore.
Where we refer to a Parish this includes Wards.
Not all of the Parishes organise in the same way, so we have just given a broad summary of the current position.


Parish Council & Members (Note 1)

Executive Committee (Note 2)

Wychavon Event Organisers (Note 3)

Parish Organisers (Note 4)

Team Organisers (Note 5)

Note 1

  • The Parish Councils are usually the first point of contact for anyone who wants to either find out how they can get involved in events or the Parish organisation.
  • The AGM decides how the organisation will operate and has a formal Constitution.   

Note 2

  • The Executive Committee is elected annually at the AGM in accordance with the Constitution.
  • Details of Executive Committee members can be found on the Contact page.
  • If you want to become more involved with the organisation then please feel free to contact any Committee Member for guidance.

Note 3

  • The Executive Committee have identified people who will organise each of the events.
  • Their details can be found on the relevant Contact page.
  • If you have any issues over the event arrangement, then please contact them in the first instance.

Note 4

  • The Parish Councils are contacted in March / April each year by the Secretary and asked if they want to enter the Games.
  • They also pay the entry fee for each event entered up to £80 (as of 2022). 
  • Each Parish Council or group can identify someone willing to be the contact between the Parish Council and Executive Committee.
  • They then need to notify the Secretary of their contact details.
  • From that point that person will be responsible for completing entry forms and contact details of anyone acting as a Team Organiser.
  • The Parish Organiser will then act as the link with the Event Organisers or the Executive Committee throughout the competition.

Note 5

  • The Team or in their absence the Parish Organiser will receive a copy of the event rules and dates of the competition, this is generally in April / May.
  • It is the Team Organiser’s responsibility to raise any event issues or withdrawals from events with the Wychavon Event Organiser.
  • To try and ensure continuation of the Association’s activities, we advise those who are interested, to help “share the load” at Parish level and to “hand on the baton” when they are planning to step down.
  • These notes are only advisory and we hope that they will help people to gain a better understanding of how the Wychavon Parish Games are organised.

You can download a PDF of this page here