Parish Games 2024



Worcester Road, Drakes Broughton, Pershore WR10 2AG


  1. All competitorsmust reside in the Wychavon Parish or Ward they are representing.  This is because it is an Inter-Parish Competition.  Where a person resides between more than one Wychavon Parish/Ward, they may only play for the Parish/Ward in which they predominantly reside. Being on the electoral roll for a Parish does not in itself constitute residency.
    • Competitors who are studying full-time at University or College will be eligible to compete for the Parish/Ward where they normally reside until they have completed their course.
    • Where an ineligible competitor has been found to have breached these rules, then that Parish/Ward will forfeit all points gained in that event.
  2. Each Team Captain shall provide two copies of the names and addresses of their team members; this must include the full postal address of each team member.  One of these should be retained by the Home Captain, and the other should be retained by the Away Captain for the duration of this year’s Parish Games. 
    • If a team does not comply with the requests above or fails to provide the team’s details as required, then any points gained will be forfeited, and the team will not be allowed to continue in the event, unless there are circumstances which were beyond their control.
    • Matches must not start until both Team Captains have completed their lists. 
  3. Any queries prior to the event should be made to the Event Organiser or to the WPGA Secretary before 9.00pm.
    • Following the event, any dispute or protest must be made by the Team Captain to the WPGA Secretary within 24 hours of the event.  In the first instance, this can be done verbally, and only by the Team Captain, so that the facts can be established. 
    • If the matter is not resolved, then any further protest should be put in writing to the WPGA Secretary within 7 days of the event taking place. 
  4. Abuse of any of the people identified in the WPGA Abuse Policy will not be tolerated by the Committee.  (Team Captains and competitors must be made aware of the contents of this policy.  This will be included in the pack sent out with the rules.)
  5. Once a team has withdrawn from an event, they will not be allowed to re-enter.
  6. Where a Parish/Ward has entered an event, but does not then take part, they will be deducted 2 points from their Parish/Ward’s overall score unless they have given the Event Organiser a minimum of 48 hours’ notice of their non participation, or there were extenuating circumstances.
  7. 7. Each team shall consist of three pairs.
  8. All Games to commence at 8.00pm.
  9. 9. Pairs shall be nominated by the Captains before commencement of play, and each pair plays each of the opposing pairs. 
  10. Start will be decided by an odds or even call, home team to ask, both numbers to count. 
  11. Each Game will be 121 up, that is twice around the board, with 6 (SIX) dominoes per player, and shall be played to the dead hole regardless of the number of dominoes remaining. 
  12. Players cannot peg out on their drop. 
  13. Home team to remain seated; away team to rotate. 
  14. Players must not comment on any matter relating to the game.  The penalty for violating this rule is 8 points.
  15. Players will inspect their own dominoes before commencement of a match and may refuse to play with any they consider to be marked. 
  16. Any player playing a domino that will not go at the end played but will go at the other end shall be allowed to replace it correctly. 
  17. Any player playing a domino that will not go at either end will forfeit 8 holes from the front peg and all pegged off it and discard the domino. 
  18. Any player playing incorrectly shall, at the discretion of the Captains, forfeit 4 holes from the back peg. 
  19. Any player who has revoked during play shall discard the domino, forfeit all holes scored off it (if any) and peg 8 holes back. 
  20. The Team that is drawn at Home is responsible for the Venue and Date of each Match to be played. They will contact the Away Team and fix the evening by giving THREE possible dates. These must not be on the same day and should preferably not be in the same week. 
  21. Failure to comply with Rule 20 above within 10 days of the date by which the Match is due to be played will concede home advantage to the Away Team.  The Away Captain will then arrange for the Match to be played by the due date. 
  22. All matches must be played by the date shown on the draw sheet.
  23. The date of the Final will be arranged by the Event Organiser in conjunction with the two Captains and will take place on a mutually convenient date at a neutral venue.
  24. The Result is to be emailed or texted to the Event Organiser by the winning Team Captain no later than 48 hours of the match. 

Event Organiser – Dennis Stanley
01386 830176/07814 760368